Providing quality machine fabrication services.  Over 30 years experience in the film laminating industry.  Specializing in custom machine fabrication, laminator repair services and laminating film sales.

Specializing in laminator and machine repair since 1994, I have built a good customer relationship based on trust, by serving the private and public school systems of the Nashville area, Metro Government, and Church day care centers in the Middle Tennessee area.

  Laminator service available for South Central Kentucky!!  
New as of 2010!  Service without the travel charges for Bowling Green area and for others in South Central Kentucky, travel charges will be calculated from the Bowling Green area rather than Nashville, TN.

My customers know that I deliver great service and guaranteed work.  I take pride in fixing only what is wrong with a machine, and not overcharging for unnecessary repairs.  Many of my customers have complained that the service people they had to use before they found me consistently overcharged them, and many times, the actual problem with their laminator took 2 or 3 of these expensive service calls to fix.  Look for more information on the Repair Service page.

Do you know everything you need to know about the thermal film you buy? If not, let us ask the questions about what you do, then give you some choices.  You can then feel confident that you are getting what you need, no more, no less.  With our years of experience with solving film/machine related problems, we can take care of everything you need to operate your laminating machine.  Call for competitive pricing.  You can call or e-mail with your inquiries.  Look for more information on the Laminating Film Sales page.

The Vari-Jogger  has been an outstanding product, which is in its 19th year of manufacture, with 87 units sold. I run a very small business with great attention given to the details.  

    Powder Coating on the Vari-Joggers!  A tough, great looking finish for an already impressive machine.

All of my customers have expressed some level of appreciation for my good work and I am thankful for the good things said about my machine.  The word of mouth referrals I get always amaze me.  I'm proud of the work I do and glad that my work is appreciated.  The following link is a map of Vari-Jogger placement and Customer Testimonial page.

Years ago, I explored this idea. Made a prototype that was very popular. The "hobby" machine tools I had were not up to building this in production mode, unfortunately. It's still rolling around in the "trunk" of my mind, though, so it may some day resurface. Thank you all for your interest. Perhaps when I retire I'll have the tinker time once again.
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